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College Application Essay Ideas

Applying to college can be one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences of a young person's life. The whole ordeal is understandably taxing: a college admission is like an application for future success, and many young people get so overwhelmed by the process that they ambush themselves by writing unappealing, lackluster essays.

The truth is that, while the essay portion of a college application might be one of the most significant insights that the admissions board has into your interests, achievements, and character, it does not have to be the nightmare that many aspiring college students put themselves through. With proper planning and thought, the essay writing process can be a positive experience that not only enhances your admission chances but gives you a better idea of what you want to get out of your time in college.

Put Yourself Into The Limelight

Many students handicap themselves when writing their college application essays because they have a limited scope of college application essay ideas: they think they need to write about a historical event or famous science experiment. But when the admissions board reads through your application, they're not interested in learning about something you were taught in high school -- they're interested in learning about you.

The best college application essay ideas are the ones that highlight your own accomplishments, not the accomplishments of someone that can be read about in a history book. Put the spotlight on yourself when choosing a topic and pique the admission board's interest. Remember: you're using this essay as a chance to showcase how well you'll fit in within their college's environment.

As Carleton College's admissions board suggests, you should view your admissions essay as an opportunity. This is your chance to really underscore the great fit between yourself and the school to which you're applying, and that can only be done by putting together an introspective, character-driven essay.

Some of the best college admission essay topics may seem overdone, but it's only because they're easy to write, interesting to read, and effectively relay information about the student submitting the application. Below is a list of the top three college application essay ideas.

Top 3 College Application Essays Ideas

  1. Have you experienced an epiphany that has made you more aware of something that you were previously oblivious to?

    This is a great topic because it allows you to broadcast your interests outside of school without sounding disingenuous or fake. Talk about something that you recently became aware of and how you've involved yourself with that topic. Admissions boards want to see that you have interests outside of the classroom and will take initiative in discovering new and exciting fields of research while in school.

  2. What has been the greatest difficulty you've experienced growing up, and how has that affected your outlook on life?
  3. This can be a great topic if you've been faced with an adverse situation. Successfully outlining a challenge and your response to it will show the admissions board that you are diligent and flexible. Describe the challenge that you overcame and how exactly if changed your perspective on life. Relate this to the challenges you expect to face in college and after graduating, making sure to emphasize why this particular school can help your future development.

  4. What is your idea of a successful college student?
  5. This is another essay topic that affords you the opportunity to discuss your extra-curricular activities while also drawing a relationship to the specific college in question. Without citing the obvious -- studying hard, making good grades -- explain what you think makes a college student successful and how exactly you'll go about emulating that behavior at this particular college.

Don't frustrate yourself in the process of coming up with college application essay ideas. The reality is that the idea is less important than the subject matter -- you.  Choose a topic that best allows you to describe your interests, achievements, and qualities to the admissions board.

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