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Personal Essay On Knowledge

Instrucitions: Author Frank Herbert said, "The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something you do not understand." How is this statement relevant in your approach to your college education?

This essay topic is pretty self explainatory.  Just keep in mind that I am only 17 years old and I want this essay to be believable and appropriate for applying to college.  Since I am majoring in pharmacy and that involves a lot of chemistry, maybe you can incorporate that in there. I'm not too picky about this essay so just make it sound good enough to get into the top university in Florida.

Knowledge Is the Discovery of Something You Do Not Understand

I am the kind of person who really enjoys studying and is never tired to gasp at learning new things that evoke wonder and admiration. In my high school courses I took to get ready for Pharmacy program, I was thrilled about chemistry, although it was the most challenging subject that kept me in the library all the weekends, going over class material in a little self-formed study group. To get deeper into the intricacies of this science, we would ask our professor for his permission to do some additional experiments in the lab the days class did not meet. In the next year I was fascinated with Anatomy, spending nights in memorizing the names of bones and muscles, systems and processes, glands and organs, abnormalities and diseases, and staying after class to go over the organs and tissues on the mannequins over and over again. This year I had some other courses that rivet my attention - Human Physiology, Zoology, and Botany. Since I have an intense interest in things I am studying, time and effort applied to studies do not exhaust me, and I am ready for more academic work that will make my professional goals seem closer.

I am looking forward to college education that will open the way for me to get more thorough knowledge of the things I am interested in. When you learn new things, they in some way elevate you to a new position as if you are ascending to a big hill from which you have a better view. This is very true when you learn the basics of some science, something that will make you better equipped with facts that will shed new light on things you never understood in such detail before. These can be even things one stops questioning after growing out of childhood: why does the sun go up every morning? Why does it go down again? What is going on behind the horizon? This and many other questions have already been answered; even so, someday someone can come up with a new and better answer. And there are so many questions that remain without an answer, too.

I fully agree with Frank Herbert that discovery begins from where one can start with learning about things one cannot understand. To me the most challenging subjects have always been the most interesting ones. It is similar to winning a little victory over oneself every time you make such a discovery. A college education suggests even more opportunities for discovery, and thus more opportunities for taking one's personality to a new level, that of a knowledgeable, intellectual and professionally qualified person.


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